Posted by: AceRailgun | November 11, 2011

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 6

It’s Karaoke time this week without Sena and Yozora. The characters take it in turns singing like anyone would at  karaoke except that they can all sing really well. Kadoka and Yukimura impressed me with their singing abilities the most and its a bit of a shame Kobato got cut off so blantely as she began to sing. I guess some people will be a bit disappointed by that. Also where was Maria?

Not that it mattered. The cast felt complete without Maria there and it helped avoid her rivalry with Kobato if only for one episode. Rika still freaks me out with her ultra pervertedness. It’s strange that nobody points how weird she is compared to others. It’s also strange that nobody stares at the group when they walk around, I know I would. Surely someone would find it strange that Yukimaru is dressed like a maid and that Kodaka is carrying a vampire around. No wonder they haven’t made any friends yet. But that’s whats good about Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. The plot is centred around it’s character and is developing them well which is a nice change. I hope we get a Yukimaru episode soon because she is the only character that hasn’t been explained in detail yet aside from Rika.

Next episode will be diving into the conflict with Sena and Yozora fighting over who will get Kodaka. Yozora will be the winner in the end but Sena might win his heart to start with.


  1. Kana-chan did get to sing any?! Of course, I am disappointed. Rika’s ultra pervertedness sets well with me 😀

    • Well I agree with the first bit about Kobato not singing. But you can keep Rika in the far corner from me and Yukimaru. 😛

  2. Why cut off Kobato’s singing part?!

    • Maybe her voice actor can’t sing….. I know I was disappointed but at least we got to hear everyone else sing.

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