Posted by: AceRailgun | November 6, 2011

My Room (2011)

Since my roommate was out I may have borrowed his new camera for a bit. Such a nice new camera.

Enough about that here are some pictures for you. I kind of regret having a narrow column theme but oh well.

My computer monitor. I am running Windows 7.

My television which is connect to my computer and acts as a second monitor whilst I watch anime and the such.

This is my setup. The posters are shiny because they are all laminated. Except the big Evangelion one.

My various figures and a samurai which has nothing to do with anime. He just looks cool. From the top they are Lelouch Lamperouge (Code geass), Kogasa Tatara (Touhou), Kanade Tachibana (Angel Beats), Random Samurai (Dubbed SAM-urai by my girlfriend which has something to do with my name. I got him before any of my anime figures.), Elizabeth (Persona 3) and Metis (Persona 3)

Various posters I have obtained from anime conventions over the past 2 years. Toph from Avatar is my favorite. I went and got all these laminated because I want to keep them in good condition. Its cheap and easy so I reccommend you do it with any good posters you have.

All my loot. As you can see I have a lot of Manga and have to double stack it because I don’t have enough shelves.

Bottom shelves. If you can’t see something clearly enough ask me and I will tell you. I got Kyubey at a convention and he was custom made. I think there was only about twenty of them so they are pretty rare.

Some of the manga I am currently reading.

This is a huge poster i got a convention. It is signed by Tiffany Grant (Asuka’s English voice actress), Yuko Miyamura (Asuka’s Japanese voice actress) and Matt Greenfield (2.22 ADR director and voice of Hyuga) If I ever get the chance I will get this poster signed by more members of the cast.

Half a dozen art books I own. I have more on pre-order so when I get them in the coming months I might do a post about them. The bottom middle one is by a group of artists, one of which I know personally.

Aigis sits on top of my digital Anime collection guarding my harddrives from harm. She is the only figma I own. I don’t really like figma that much but Aigis is a robot so ball joints make sense.

Comments? Questions? I am willing to answer.


  1. I am envious of your apparent employment, sir.

    Also, loving that Kogasa figure!

    • Give it a few years and I will have full time employment which will support my “hobby” even more. 🙂 I paid for all this on a casual wage over about three years. Kogasa is one of my newest figures. She is part of the Griffon Enterprises touhou series which all look amazing If i’m not careful I might end up spending hundreds of dollars on an ever expanding set of touhou characters.

      • I’ve been looking for figures (and a job, but that’s not the point) for a while now. I’ve always heard that Griffon’s top-notch!

        What’cha going into for a full-time job, anyway?

    • I recently finished University I did a bachelor of Animation and Interactive Media. I want to try and find a job in the area. Most likely something in web design. Plus I plan on moving house within a year I’m kind of in a strange situation at the moment. I have part time work at the moment but it’s nothing fancy.

      There is some links on my side column for figures. Prices vary so much between figures it’s hard to tell if you are getting a good deal or not.

  2. Omfg, That kyubey! So cute! 😀

    • I thought you might comment of Kyubey 😛
      I saw someone carrying one at the convention and I knew in that moment I needed one too. It took two hours to find where they were actually selling them. Turns out it was a huge stand right near the entrance. I haven’t decided on a wish yet but I know Kyubey can be patient.

  3. Awesome room! I just got an incredibly high paying job and will begin within this month. The first thing I’ll do is to make my room as epic as yours!

    • I don’t know about epic but it is pretty nice 🙂 I am actually planning on moving houses within a year or so and once I do I am getting some nice big glass display cabinets for my figures. Kudos on the job too. Money rocks!

  4. Damn! Would love to have that Lelouch Figure!!!

    • He was the first Male figure I got. It seems like most of the characters I like are female. Funny that 😛

      • Most of mine are female as well :3

  5. Wow, nice setup! Like the Persona icons you have on the desktop as well as the Aigis figma ^_^

    • I made those Icons myself too 🙂 So talented lol.
      I also have a bunch of Touhou icons and some Persona 4 ones as well. Whenever I feel like mixing it up I swap them. I plan on making more too its a bit fiddly but if you have the right program it isn’t too hard.

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