Posted by: AceRailgun | November 6, 2011

Fate Zero Episode 6

I miss Waver and Rider already but that void has been filled with the obsessive murder Castor and explosions. Sure taking down a sky scraper is probably a bit over the top but Emiya will do anything to win and this is a war after all. At least he let everyone evacuate first. Its nice to see the the Masters actually doing something for a change with Kariya attacking the sniper girl and cutting her hand. It seem like Kayneth may be out of the game as he stood in a giant explosion but I feel that through some miracle he will be alive. Lancer still hasn’t had his rematch with Saber so he can’t be dead just yet.

Castor and his master seem to be stiring up trouble and not playing within the rules. Although you could hardly argue they are even playing. They seem more obsessed with mindless murder than actually winning the war. Castor has set himself as another enemey of Saber. Everyone wants her head. He blabbers some stuff about  Jeanne d’ Arc and then goes home to cry about his rejection with a tub of ice cream. The upcoming episode is most likely going to be a battle between Saber, Castor and Lancer. It will be interesting to see how Castor fights and if someone will be eliminated from the war.

Two thing. Firstly I haven’t read any other the novels etc so I don’t know how the war ends so please don’t devulge any details if you know. Thanks.

Second, if a master is killed then the servant is eliminated, correct? Surely it would be easy just to go after the weaker masters. But then everyone seems to be honorable so that probably won’t happen.


  1. I only read up to one novel half of the second, so I can not divulge even if I wanted to at this point. Although now that you mentioned it, everyone does seem to have honor code, so I guess they will be little fowl play, expect maybe from Kiru and Kirei. Blowing up half a building is not honorable at all, lol.

    • Yeah i don’t think blowing up a civilian building can ever be honorable. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Kiru and Kirei started pulling each others hair during a battle between servants.

  2. Now, I just want to see Caster die by Saber hands and I’m happy…:P

    • As do I. It’s almost certain to happen too so we just have to wait.

  3. I’m not sure how it exactly goes, but I think a servant remains for some time after the master is killed, so they have some time to get supplied by mana by another servant. I don’t remember exactly how it went in FSN.

    In any case, some masters don’t shy away from targeting other masters. It all depends on their character.

    • It would be interesting to see what a servant would do if the master was killed. Archer and Beserker would go nuts without masters.
      I watched Fate/Stay Night too but I don’t remember it being overly good so I don’t remember either the details all that well.

  4. I would like to see more battles please 🙂
    Base on the preview, it looks like Kiritsugu will be having a bit a problem.

    • Even if you ask nicely they will probably keep on talking. They love to talk.

  5. How long a Servant remains in the world without a Master depends on their Independent Action skill, I’d assume that it’s usually an hour or so at the most, but those who possess it (primarily the Archer class, though Rider in Stay Night had it as well) last longer depending on its rank. So that’s probably the only thing that hinders that tactic, as a last resort to take out a near unstoppable Servant it would actually be a good one, though even with the kill or be killed aspect of the war, not an easy one.

    But anyway, it was amusing to see Caster believe that Saber is Jeanne d’ Arc/Joan of Arc, just about everyone must have thought it as well before the Arturia reveal. And I’m looking forward to the next few episodes, they should be fairly good.

    • An hour or so is enough time to just about anything. I hope that this happens at least once. Maybe with Archer or Beserker.
      I’m getting excited about new episodes of this now.

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