Posted by: AceRailgun | November 5, 2011

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Episode 5

The fan service is strong with this one. I like a bit of good fan service every now and again and i’m glad Boku wa blah blah has steered away from the Imoto stuff because that make me feel a bit dirty. Its safe to say friday is my favorite because Boku wa blah blah is now one of the few anime I get excided about before I watch it because it is so funny. Sure it’s got its bad point and a plot as flimsy as a wet piece of paper but the humor is the best this season. Take the wizard joke. Poor Kodaka gets stuck with the a bunch of anime merchandise and is expected to fight monsters with it. Although he more or less joins the monsters in the first battle as they remind him of his own life. They get beat up too which is also a reminder of his own life. Compared to most harem lead males Kodaka is probably the only one who doesn’t get beat up physically on a daily basis. Instead the girls bring him down psychologically but they do miss a lot of chance to do so. Rika is still as perverted as ever and Yukimura is actually a samurai this time. If only briefly. There is also a call out to Ore no Imoto ga konna ni Kawaii ga nai and Index in this episode. Boku wa seems to be doing this a lot. I pick up on a lot of call outs now days but I never used to. Maybe its because I’ve watched so much anime or is it just something new writers seem to like doing.


  1. Rika was really nice in those clothes…
    Sena was sexy in those clothes…

    Yozora…well let’s talk about something else…:P

  2. Yozora….. Lets forget that otherwise i’ll have nightmares.
    If you put Rika and Sena’s clothes together you get 3/4 of an outfit. 😛

    • Nah, leave the clothes. They look way better on Rika ^^

      • But if you gave Rika Sena’s 1/4 of the outfit then sena would have 0/4 of an outfit 🙂

  3. Episode 5 have the same jokes like the previous episode I think episode 3 was it? Ermm. Same joke with more characters. That is my complain. But more Sena is good! Excepting episode 6 to be much better than this episode.

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