Posted by: AceRailgun | November 4, 2011

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 5

That episode was like a bowl of chocolate ice cream. Even though I’ve had it before it still taste great and i’m sad when its gone. It would seem I’ve made myself hungry. Yu steps it up again this episode and takes two more social links and unlocks the persona for them. First of them Ai Ebihara of the moon arcana. She is the centre of the love square or if you include Yosuke it’s a pentagon. Execpt poor old Yosuke gets stuck playing cupid.This time around Ai has a personallity moe complex then ‘bitch’ plus it helps that she has the same voice as Ohana from Hanasaku Iroha so she doesn’t come across as such a nucience. Kou ichijo and Daisuke Nagase are the second to appear and are from the strength arcana They stay true to the game and are both in their own clubs. Chie forces Yu into the basketball route and he instant becomes friends with Kou. It’s funny how everyone instantly trusts Yu and share secrets with him. Yu himself is so open about everything that he has this air about him which draws people to him and this has been shown well so far. It was also a bonus for me to see Yosuke failing at basketball and Chie fighting with Ai. Both those things are new to the anime.  Nanako seems to have also warmed up to Yu inbetween episodes too. Adachi scares her…. and me.

Other things to note are that Yu is still making swans for the hospitalised girl which is a game reference. Yu’s ringtone is the ‘you are dead’ theme from the Atlus game Catherine. I’m so glad I can pick up on this stuff because it enriches the anime all the more for me.


  1. Really quick comments for the episode:

    I’ve never done the Ebihara link. Do Chie and her seriously get into a slapfest in the game?

    Also, how the hell did nobody notice that until it really escalated?!

    All in all, a good ‘cooldown’ episode. Can not friggin’ /wait/ for Kanji.

    • Nah Chie and Ebihara don’t get into a fight in the game. That’s unique to the anime. Although in the game when Ebihara tries to jump off the roof she is more serious about it and actually get onto the other side of the fence. Yu has to calm her down and get her to climb back over.

  2. Haha, It’s so nice to see someone else pick up on the theme from Catherine!

    Speaking of it, I LOVE that game. I really hope Atlus makes more unique games.

    • Atlus will always be making unique games like that because they have a lot of money. I died a lot in Catherine because I played it on hard so I remember the death theme very well. Vincent died a lot.

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