Posted by: AceRailgun | November 4, 2011

Guilty Crown Episode 4

I have a new favorite male character. The guy in the picture, no not Shu he makes me yawn I mean the pale guy with the bland expression. No not Shu, damn it. The one with the purple hair. I can’t remember his name but who cares it isn’t important. At first it just seems Purple is the evil guy out to foil the plans of the terrorist but no, he has his own agenda. He puts a facade to trick Shu into believe he has rightous motives and to some degree Shu believe him. Stupid Shu won’t learn, he got betrayed just 1 episode ago by his best friend and now he gets mixed impressions from the guy who handcuffed him and admitted that killing innocent people was necessary. Purple gives Shu a pen which is some kind of communication device, which Shu actually keeps and looks at all confused like at the end of the episode. Shu also helps frees a murdered and uses his void to make Mechs fly. Good job Shu for a passive observer you are sure doing a lot. Purple hair guy also stops the sharp shooter from taking out Inori so he has my thanks. Purple seems to be interested in Void as much as Gai is which could prove interesting later on. Shu is part of the terrorists now so he can say goodbye to his normal school life.

Inori also seems to have a bit of a crush on Shu now. It’s got to have something to do with that music video Shu made. Girls love artists….. Probably.


  1. Call him “Clown” and nobody will care about his real name. 😛

    • Maybe purple clown. He does have face paint so he kinda looks like a clown. I’m just going with Purple because it kind of reminds me of Orange from Code Geass for some reason.

  2. Goodbye to his normal school life? That will NEVER happen this soon!

    • Shu will rock up to school next Monday and everyone will be like “Oh hey Shu, we heard the military took you in for questioning. How did that go?” Shu will answer. “It was a misunderstanding.” And then happy school days will follow.

  3. Wondering when Shu will use the transmitter. 😀

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