Posted by: AceRailgun | November 1, 2011

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume Episode 5

Squid is back after a week off and this time she just plays. So much for the invasion. First off she is given boundaries in the sense that she is not allowed to use Takeru’s remote control car without him present and the second is that it shouldn’t be used outside. Of course squid girl has the sudden impulse to break all the rules. We all learn a valuable lesson in this episode and that is if you break the rules a bully will make you clean the bathroom. Takeru is devastated but soon recovers when the three stooges replace the car with a much better one. In typical Shinryaku fashion the episode ends without a resolution as the window is still broken and the car is travelling to the moon. The best kind of ending for any comedy. Squid girl also learns that she has a loyal following of children which wish to see her invasion plan succeed. She should probably do some invading at some point soon. But she soon realizes that her older friends just want to use her in a variety of different ways. My favourite of the selection of horrible things is Chizuru’s plan to keep her as a waitress forever. In the last part Ika plays in the park alone. For the whole part I was thinking she should just play with Takeru and i’m glad Eiko mentioned it at the end. I can’t believe she named the ant. I though she would have just crushed it beneath her invading feet but I guess Squid Girl has gone soft.


  1. I think my favourite wish was actually Kiyomi’s, since you don’t see that kind of humour in this show very often.

    • You do raise a good point. it was funny to watch her flail about and dive into the sand to protect her wish from prying eyes. Squid girl would have started a very awkward conversation if she had read it too.

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