Posted by: AceRailgun | October 31, 2011

C³ Episode 5

The episode is kick started with an all out brawl between the main character once again. This time however Kirika gets in on the action as well an gets herself instantly caught. The fighting continues for a good portion of the episode before Peavey aka Bitch descided to slice Kirika in half. Lucky for her she is immune to death unlike chibi mummy. RIP chibi mummy I hope you get better. Kirika reveals that she is also in possession of a cursed too. A fetish outfit with the ability to heal any physical injury. Absurd indeed but its all abut the fan service at this point and that would also explain the “sex” scene after the credits between Haruaki and Fear. As a result of this Fear loses one of her curse abilities and finally the main plot is revealed. The heroes must find more of the Card/chip things from other cursed tools and uses them to rid Fear of her curse. It’s not the most complex of plots but it sure beats pointlessly toiling in the school for another few episodes.



  1. Where is the obligatory naked Kirika image?! Where is?! 😦

    • Trying to keep it “safe” although if you still have the episode its time stamp 10:45

      • What part of Kirika is not safe?! 😛

    • All of her in every scene she is in O.o
      Well she didn’t get completely naked like Chibi Mummy and ‘Bitch’ did last episode so she isn’t as bad by comparison.

      • Exactly! That is ART! Perfection! 😛

        No ok, I’m just joking btw. 😀

    • Yeah I can tell. It’s good to know what you like even if it is just time stamp 10:45 😛

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