Posted by: AceRailgun | October 30, 2011

Fate Zero Episode 5

So as a I predicted the battle between ended without anyone dying but its still safe to say that was a great battle. It will be the last time that many servants are in one place at the same time thats for sure. Each servant managed to hold their own amoungt the chaos somehow and no serious damage was done. The noteworthy thing you can really take from this fight is that Lancers master wasted one of his command points and that if given a good reason the servants are more then happy to team up against one another. Berserker proceeded to embarrass the ever arrogant Archer in a display of sword catching glory. But then Rider runs him down with his gigantic chariot ending the battle. it would appear Rider is very observant, more so then his first impression let on. It is hinted that he realised Emiya was going to use his sniper rifle to kill Lancers cowardly master but because Rider dislikes cowards he makes a scene which stops the assassination before it can begin. The cast of Fate Zero has really improved and is increadibly interesting to watch what they will do next. I am defiantly more interested in the series then when I watched episode one but I wouldn’t say i’m on fan boy level just yet. Its also really funny that Castor has a school boy crush on Saber like 90% of the Fate Zero fan base.


  1. Well, Saber is useless at the moment unless they manage to cure that wound inflicted by Lancer…:(

  2. Yeah poor Saber can’t seem to catch a break. She almost got killed by Beserker too. Lucky Rider is such a nice guy and saved her.

  3. Berzerker was awesome! I really like how he looks, in the anime.
    I think the next episode won’t be as cool as this episode.
    But who cares, more Fate/Zero = Awesome

    • Beserker was cool. I really like CG stuff and he was implemented well. He kind of got owned by the chariot though. Zero is infinitely better then Stay/Night ever was.

  4. Poor Saber, currently cant even use Excalibur due to her thumb injury XD

    • That’s a good way to put it. Maybe we should get her a band-aid. Then she will fight like a pro.

  5. Caster will probably be fighting Saber soon, though I’d prefer to see Saber fight against Berserker or have a rematch with Lancer first.

    • Yeah I think Saber vs Berserker would be interesting to watch. Although it feels like they might never fight. Lancer vs Beserker is more likely to happen.

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