Posted by: AceRailgun | October 29, 2011

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 4

Considering the content the produces had to work from this episode came out well. Yu unlocks the chariot arcana in style and saves the day again. The battle against Yukiko’s shadow was quite the sight to see. Increasingly large amounts of fire and smoke really set the scene. Multiple persona’s fighting and an explanation for why Yukiko’s shadow form turned into a giant bird were also appreciated by me.

Okay so I admit I already knew the giant bird in the cage symbolized Yukiko being trapped by the Inn she works at and she just wants someone to come and whisk her away to somewhere interesting. But it was nice to see her backstory about the bird she finds and raises. It was also good to see some more of the Amagi Inn too. It was mentioned about once every twenty minutes in the game but you bearly get to see it and I never expected it to have so many customers. No wonder Yukiko didn’t like it, she has to work her butt off pretty much everyday.

It seems like Yosuke and Teddie were playing the roles of fall guy and comic relief repectively. Yosuke is constant ignored by Yu and Chie as they run through the castle. Yosuke also takes a beating from Yukiko’s shadow and even gets burned. But then again Teddie was on fire in two different scenes so I guess Yosuke had it easy in comparison. At this point Teddie is about as useful as a stuffed animal. At least in the game he gave you tips on how to fight shadows even if he was really annoying. Next episode looks like its going to be a school life episode with guest appearances from a few of the social link characters. I’m looking forward to it.

On a side note I’ve heard that in Japan the episode previews air at midnight the night before the episode is aired. This is a clever as it represents the midnight channel.


  1. >No wonder Yukiko didn’t like it, she has to work her butt off pretty much everyday.

    That, and she probably got harassed on more than a few occasions, what with all the drunks there.

    Glad to see the party’s individual stories get expanded, too.

    Think next episode will be a cooldown/social link episode?

    • Yeah next episode is going to be a social link episode for sure. Now that the four main character have been introduced its time for the minor characters to get introduced. We might get to see some more of Doujima and Nanako too.

  2. Boob bird mode activated! Yukiko Powah full output! 😀

    • Best super powah ever.

    • Man… Bird tits made me feel so awkward.

      Speaking of awkward, Rise episode is definitely being watched when nobody else is around. I really hope they don’t… uh… bring back the squishing noises…

      • Lol the squishing noises give me nightmares. It was highly inappropriate that’s for sure. It should defiantly not be watched with the family.

  3. This anime is way more interesting to see for people who played the game first. Most of the people who I’ve talked to and haven’t played the game feel disappointed.

    I think it’s because we, who played the game, spent a lot of time fighting with the characters, so we built up a sense of attachment over a long time. People who did not play the game, however, had no time to form these connections, and as a result, don’t really care as much about the characters.

    That being said, the expansion on the back-story of each character so far has been great!

    • You raise a valid point. I spent hours with the characters fighting thought the Castle dungeon so I grew attached to them and saving Yukiko was a lot more meaningful because it took the good half a of a day. Although I know a few people that are watching the anime without playing the game and they seem to be enjoying it. Although they all say it feels rushed.

  4. I liked how they portrayed the fight with Yukiko’s Shadow. They really needed to show how difficult the whole thing was.

    I’m really excited for the next episode, since I’d like to see how the other social links are handled.

    • It will be interesting that’s for sure. I’m mostly curious about which clubs he picks. Basketball/Soccer and Drama/Music. Because some characters might never appear especially with the Drama/Music combo. My guess is he picks Basketball and Music but i guess we will have to wait and see.

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