Posted by: AceRailgun | October 28, 2011

Guilty Crown Episode 3

Void is the coolest new super power around. I love how it’s goofy when used incorrectly but when it is used right it can produce astonishing results. Plus the objects created have that cool silver/digital look to them which is very appealing. I particualry liked it when Shu summoned the fridge. What the hell does that represent? The guy was hungry? Or that the guy seldom thinks about something more complex than food?

The action performed to use Void is essentaully a breast grab. Which is awkward to use on a man and embarrassing for poor Shu to use on a female. Since all the females are attractive in Guilty Crown its only natural Shu is a bit hesitant to use it as he a teenager in those awkward years. We all know that most men would go nuts with a super power like that am I right. We were also treated to a lot of good character development for Shu and Inori. As well as Shu’s friend who SPOILER ALERT turns out to be a jackass. Shu is put into a tough situation and is going to have to be saved by either the terrorists or his wits. My money is on the terrorists because Shu ain’t no Light Yagami.

An observation I’ve made

In Persona 4 The animation your inner self is a badass fighting monster.

In Guilty Crown your inner self is a vase or a fridge.


  1. “In Persona 4 The animation your inner self is a badass fighting monster.

    In Guilty Crown your inner self is a vase or a fridge.”

    Lol. Reading that made my day today 😀

    The character development is fine, but wish Shu was not such a gullible one =_=

  2. Poor old Shu is a bit on the doopy side. Well so is Inori so I guess that is something they have in common 🙂

  3. If it wasn’t for the girls (remove Inori, Tsugumi and Ayase), I wonder how many of us would have already dropped this…:P

    • You have a point. I don’t think any of us would still be watching if Shu had male friends instead of Inori. You haven’t to see much of Tsugumi. Hope she appears in the next episode.

  4. Man if only Shu were to be replace by Gai.
    The anime would go like ‘Its over 9000!!!’

    • It might be a bit too much awesome Shu was replaced with Gai. :p Although I really wish Shu wasn’t such a wimp.

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