Posted by: AceRailgun | October 25, 2011

Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing Episode 2

Bad guys are winning for a change and have seeming completely obliterated the good guys as well as there king. The other royalty aren’t doing so well either with one being captured and another shot down into a lake. Fam and the team better pull themselves together if they want to stand a chance of winning. The story has narrowed the cast somewhat and we can probably expect the main plot to be centered around Fam and her group for the next few episodes. If we are lucky Dio might stick around and lend a hand. Exile also returned in the form of a half moon and proceeded to do what it does best. Destroy things. Since there is another five or six half moons in the sky it is very possible that exile will destroy everything towards the end of the series. I only noticed this episode that Fam has the same voice actor as Yui from K-on and she laughs in the same manor which I didn’t really like for some reason. Looking forward to the next episodes. Hope we get some good characterization of Fam and her group soon otherwise i’ll be disappointed.

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