Posted by: AceRailgun | October 23, 2011

Fate Zero Episode 4

Finally the fighting has begun. So much fighting and none of that boring dialog. It seems like Saber has no idea what she is doing when it comes to fighting as she is outwitted by Lancer on numerous occasions. Although to be fair Lancer plays a little dirty. Hiding your second lance in the gravel is a textbook move which works well enough for him. Although he has probably used up all his tricks at this point and is going to have a hard time fighting Rider and Saber at the same time.Jumping into a fight halfway on a chariot made of lightning  led by an ox is pretty cool but a little foolish. Rider has stolen the show, here’s hoping he is as tough as he looks because he is probably going to start kicking some ass or at least trying to. I am hoping that two of the three servants are defeat properly in this fight but I am certain that the writers have found a way to end it without anyone dying. Although I doubt Lancer will last long as he is a minor character. No doubt Kiritsugu will act on his plan to assassinate either Lancers master or Assassin which will end the three way battle. Waver may even become a target if he isn’t careful he should have stayed up on the bridge.


  1. Well, there was still a ton of dialogue, but it was disguised amongst all the action scenes, which never hurts 🙂

    On the plus side, the situation right now is completely unpredictable. Rider has now entered the playing field, and we can’t forget how Kirei and Tokiomi are watching over the battlefield. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of their servants interferes here as well.

    I do wonder where Caster and Berserker are though, we haven’t seen them for an episode or two now.

    • Yeah I can’t even remember what Beserker even looks like….. We will probably find out about Caster soon. He may try murder somebody or something crazy like that.

  2. Lancer face when Rider appear? Priceless!

  3. Yeah more action! Next episode will be better.
    First a triple treat then some other servant would probably show up base on the preview.

    • Next episode is going to be great. I am really hoping Kiritsugu does something with his guns to get into the action.

  4. Calling Lancer’s fighting style dirty is kind of harsh, his NPs are actually fairly weak compared to the other servants, so he has to work for what he gets. Not to mention that he’s pretty much used up both his trump cards in the first round in pulling off that trick, more importantly exposing his identity. Aside from that he’s also a total bro to Saber from this point on.

    But anyway this was a great episode, it really did justice to the high speed battle of servants after all the subpar ones Studio DEEN had animated in the past, and the next episode should be just as good. We should be seeing at least two more servants join the fray, though it’ll still be too early for much to come from it.

    • Anyone who uses dirt as part of battle tactics is playing dirty 😛

      It’s unfortunate for Lancer that he isn’t a main character because otherwise we would have probably beat Saber already.
      Am I the only one that thinks Saber is probably the weakest of the servants but wins because she is the Underdog/Main Character. I mean she falls for every “trap” possible in both Zero and Stay/Night.

      • Nope, she may have been nerfed for a good part of Stay Night but I’d say so as well, or at least she’s always portrayed that way. Despite having good stats (under anyone else but Shirou she pretty much has all As and Bs) and the ability to excaliblast anything that really gets in her way, she just doesn’t seem to be able to use them well. Only a few fights instantly come to mind as examples of her prowess.

        Funnily enough however, she becomes surprisingly competent the moment she ditches her chivalry as Saber Alter.

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