Posted by: AceRailgun | October 21, 2011

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 3

If you have played the game then this episode was filled with really good moments that reference the game. Some of them are so small you almost miss them. They are a really nice touch which really adds to the overall impact the show is having. Take the scene where Yu is waiting for Yosuke at Junes before the sword incident. Yu is making paper swans, this is a reference to a part time job you can take in the game. Some of the other social links show up in this episode such as the drama club girl and the sports guys. Once Yukiko is saved from the castle there will most likely be some episodes which introduce the social link characters. These episodes will probably be a lot different from the game which will be a good opportunity to see new things in the persona 4 universe. We already got to see little Chie and Yukiko which was a bonus plus we got to see Chie’s dog too. All these little things make the anime worth watching for someone who has already played the game but wants some new content. Yu himself has changed quite a bit from his silent protagonist role in the game. He is now full of witty comebacks and well timed lines. Its good to see this character getting some development as well. This is turning out better than we could have expected and I dare you to find faults in it. Well maybe I could say that Nanako and Dojima’s roles feel a little bit empty at this point lets hope that changes in future episodes.


  1. Haha, for people that played the video game (like me), seeing all the events is so nostalgic. Haven’t played the game for a while now, but seeing this anime makes me want to brush off the dust from my ps2 controller.

    There are tiny little details that are explicitly from the game, so I guess it’s “fanservice” for the game players eh? I like how, as Narukami’s expression, etc, go up, he gets more and more of a personality. Let’s see where he’ll be by the final episode 😀

    • Gaining a personality is such a strange concept but I guess it makes sense. As far as the “fan service” goes I like it. Its a different kind of fan service from what we are used to but you don’t see me complaining 🙂

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