Posted by: AceRailgun | October 21, 2011

Guilty Crown Episode 2

Well that wasn’t as good as the first episode. But it was still alright so I won’t complain. So we have finnally been introduced to a villian. That guy in the picture, he sure is an interesting one. His father is probably the actually villian of the series but this guy sure is evil. He may seem shallow and evil for no reason at this point but at least he isn’t as depressing as Ouma Shu.Shu actually does something a little unexpected at the end of the episode in his choice of deciding not to join the “Undertakers” in the fight for justice. He instead decides to continue his boring school life. You may notice that he has a window seat at the back of the classroom like every other protagonist before him. Shu is somehow able to resist the urge to look at Inori’s hot body even though he is given about a thousand opportunities to do so. Although the camera follows every females breasts and bottoms like a young child at the beach which feels very immature. I wish anime didn’t feel it had to do this. Shinryaku Ika Musume doesn’t do this and its set on a god damn beach. That aside Guilty Crown does action well, although it’s exactly like Code Geass right down to the leader who has predicted how the battle will unfold the morning beforehand. Could get better but with a school episode looming next it probably won’t for a while which is a real shame. 


  1. Wow, Daryl reminds me so much of Genhena from Balder EXE. They even have the same level of mania to some extent, even though Daryl is somewhat more laid back. Do admit the fanservice bits and pieces were slightly awkward and out of place, but it was not too bad like other shows that just blatantly flash it around. Well, I can over look it this time if only I get to see Tsumugi more ^^

    • Yeah i’ll over look the fan service. I really wanna see more of the other characters including Tsumugi. Shu is so boring. The mech designs and how they operate is great so I want to see more of that too.

  2. Please Acerailgun, don’t listen to him. Tsugumi is mine and only mineeeeee! 😛

    • You can have Tsugumi. I think my preference is Inori because she wears revealing swimwear instead of clothing and has a beautiful singing voice. So you don’t have to worry about me going after Tsumugi. Although tsurugiarashix is a different matter he seems to be all over her :p You better call dibs before its too late.

  3. Gai is the awesome. He is like Lelouch + Suzaku

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