Posted by: AceRailgun | October 18, 2011

Last Exile: Fam, The Silver Wing Episode 1

So episode one has finally aired bringing an end to the first episodes this season. It had some good points it had some bad points. The background music hold true to the original with a very similar feel to it but the intro song, although it is a good song it doesn’t fit Last Exile at all and comes across as a bit silly. Thankfully the ending song was more in the style of Last Exile.

It was quickly re-estblished that the world is pretty much exactly the same as when we left it last. Royal armies fighting in the cloud etc we all know the story but Fam, The Silver Wing adds the new element sky pirates which are on neither side of the new war. So the anime opens with a young girl stripping down to her undergarments in a fashion which isn’t creepy and wouldn’t get you weird looks from your friends and family if you watched it on a tv. Although this scene was pretty funny as sleepwalking on a flying ship probably isn’t very safe. The cast of characters seem to find this to be amusing and leave her hanging for a while. Sone of the cast seems pretty bland to be honest excluding Fam and Dio the other characters don’t seem to be doing a whole lot at the moment. Plus the girl who flies the Vanship with Fam may as well be invisible for the screen presence she has. If you are a clever cookie you may have picked up the reference to the first series when Dio does a  Immelmann turn. I love call backs like this. As far as the war is concerned it doesn’t feel as much a like a war as the first series. It feels more like a game as Fam is flying around invincibly outsmarting the enemy easily which certainly doesn’t make them very menacing. Could turn out good but its too early to tell.


  1. Still never bothered with the first installment of the series. I might consider watching the first, but only until this one is done airing.

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