Posted by: AceRailgun | October 17, 2011

C³ Episode 3

Just for a second consider this. The main character, Haruaki dies of blood loss after his fight with fear in episode 2. Can you honestly say this series would be more interesting if instead of watching a typical teen drama/romance unfold we watched the downfall of Fear into madness and Konoha out for revenge. That would be a genuinly interesting plot which could be taken a million different directions but instead we are left with the same dry storyline we have come to expect from this kind of anime.Although to be fair  C³ is doing a lot of things I didn’t expect it to. So far the three episodes so far may as well all be from different anime becuase the characters all change so much from the first episode that I can barely picture them going to school anymore. The only character that has remained consistent so far is the evil blonde women and she has just been a bitch the whole time. I do like it how she is put into her place by a poorly wrapped chibi mummy who seems to be somewhat knowledgeable about medical practice. Chibi mummy is probably the most mysterious character so far and I really enjoy the mysterious characters in anime because it gets me to watch another episode so I can be told who they are and what they are up to.


  1. Ok that new loli enemy had a cute voice. I wonder if that character will be linked to Haruaki as well in the future…

    • Most likely. Every character so far seems linked to Haruaki in some way or another. The chibi mummy is probably something similar to Fear or Konoha. I guess time will tell.

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