Posted by: AceRailgun | October 14, 2011

Un-Go Episode 1

Un-Go is a story about Shinjūrō Yūki a detective who must somewhat of a failure because he is nickmaned the defeated detective and his panda boy sidekick Inga who has two superpowers which make detective work very easy. Its kind of like cheating I’ll explain that later. Un-Go opens with one of those nonsensical scenes in which the main character is dying and running through an internal monologue at the same time about disjointed ideas which have no context and make no sense. This scene will be explain in either episode eight or nine is my guess.  Now back to the panda boy. He looks a bit like a pale young girl and confuses the matter even more when he turns transforms into a mature women with gigantic breasts. Any young boys dreams. I would forgive you for thinking that panda boy was a girl because I did for a while too. But see Inga has a superpower which is essentual cheating in the world detectives and that is the ability to ask someone a question and get a 100% truthful answer. By using this power the duo should be able to easily solve any case which begs the question. Why is Shinjūrō Yūki know as a ‘defeated detective’? Did Shinjūrō Yūki screw some big case up before he met panda boy or did he ask the wrong question to someone and let them get away. I’ll just wait for more episodes to air and let the show answer those questions. On a last note I’m pretty sure I saw Miku in one of the panning shots at the far right of the screen around the 5 minute mark. Am I going crazy?


  1. Wait, you spotted Miku? *looks frantically*

  2. Ha ha. Yeah she is in there. I had to skip back because I thought I was seeing things. Its a strange cameo that’s for sure. Hope you found her.

  3. I saw Miku two times. One is when there are eating or talking or something.
    The other one is when everyone is rushing in to the middle because of something. I can’t remember because the episode was disappointing to me. The mystery was soo obvious. But I love the art style although some complaint about it being long and pointy.

  4. Long and pointy. That is so true. I hesitate to say art and animation is dodgy now days because I create animation for a living and I know how hard it is. It was a bit of a dodgy mystery. lets hope the next one is better.

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