Posted by: AceRailgun | October 14, 2011

Persona 4 The Animation Episode 2

Everything I was hoping would change from episode 1 has and its great. The first big note is the Opening and Outro songs. The opening has a proper animation to it now and its pretty stylish. I like the way the static and text is used over the character silloettes it reminds me of the Kamisama Dolls opening with all those layered images. In fact the static effect is used in a few other places as well such as over the preview for episode 3 and when shadow Yosuke was losing his powers. As for the ending song I cranked the volume up loud because I love the guy that sings the persona songs. I think his name is Lotus Juice or something like that.

As far a pacing Persona still seems a tad fast. Everything is happening so quickly still. It seems like a lot has been covered in just two episodes. To get to this point in the game took me about 10 hours so that’s a big difference. Now that this stuff has been established it seems like it may slow down a bit and tell the story at a more apporopriate speed. Some of the battling in this episode was good although I dislike the fact that Yu didn’t get a golf club but I did love the scene where Yu punches Yosuke in the face. The IZANAGI PUNCH really added to that scene and then Yu had the nerve to say “Ops wrong guy.” Which made that scene golden. The use of the televisions in this scene also opened up the possibility of explaining some of the story during the battle which was a clever choice. Battle music also makes an appearance which was great for me and my fanboying.


  1. Evil eyes are Evil, aren’t they? 😛

  2. I have to agree with you on that one. Persona 4 has so many evil eyes.

  3. Evil indeed. Can’t wait to see how Chie evil side looks like.

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