Posted by: AceRailgun | October 14, 2011

Guilty Crown Episode 1

Just saying this now. Guilty Crown is the best anime this season. If it can keep up what its doing then it will probably be an instant classic too. I’ve always liked production I.G and this time they have made something great. The opening is a cuts between two scenes playing out at the same time. The first is a teenage girl singing a sad but beautiful song and the second is a scene with the same girl franticly trying to escape some pursuers who are trying to kill her.  The high contrast between these two scenes is quite powerful and really gets into the action straight away.

Shu Ouma is the lead male of this particular anime and despite his fairly normal life in the post war setting he seems to long for something more and that something more shows up in his secret hideout bleeding and showing quite a lot of cleavage. At first he is resistant to this and is unsure about how to act in such a situation which could ultimately change his life but within the next ten minutes we see him man up and confront the new challenges head on. As a reward for his courage and fool hearty charge into fire and bullets he obtains the power of guilty crown which seems to be give him the ability to manifest weapons from the bonds he has with other people. Or in laymens terms he gets the powah of  friendship. In future episodes I can guarantee that Shu will use this power to fight the corrupt government becuase in anime the terrorists with personality and young girls are always right. It kind of feels like a similar setting to Code Geass and it worked for Code Geass so it should work for Guilty Crown. The animation for Guilty Crown is top notch and has quite a lot of scenery porn. The music is also damn impressive. I like good background music with vocals in it.


  1. A very exceptional start to the series. Still can not get over the epic music used when Gai was taking on those thugs. The soundtrack is a must get for me now from that alone. >_<

    • Yeah i’ll be getting the OST as soon as because I love it. Hope there is some more good action scenes in episode 2.

  2. I didn’t like the first episode. Otaku pandering at it’s worst if you ask me. You’re right about the music though.

    • Well you must be hard to please then 😛 It was far from perfect but it is so much better then pretty much everything this season its good for us Otaku to have a win once in a while. Until the next episode airs I guess I can look forward to C³ episode 3…

  3. Love the episode. Epic start.
    Can’t wait for the next episode.
    The opening music was awesome.
    The only thing I would complain is the characters introduction.

    • The next episode is just going to be an episode of character introductions so I wouldn’t worry too much about that. Some of the characters in the terrorist group look pretty interesting so it should be a good episode.

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