Posted by: AceRailgun | October 11, 2011

Shinryaku!? Ika Musume Episode 3

Invasion has been put on hold this week for squid girl so she can do her morning workout then walk the dog. This episode squid girl gets punched in the face and attacked by two dogs. But not all is bad because she manages to take out a group of children single handedly as well as get a cheap hit on Chizuru and get away unhurt. This is probably Squid Girls greatest accomplishments to date and that is saying something. There is quite a few laughs to be had this episode. My favourite scene is at 13:18 the stupid actions with the serious voice over from Squid Girl’s thoughts are quite funny. I also feel a bit sorry for Sanae’s dog as he never gets any attention. He is a bit of a wimp and as Squid Girl is saying this to him she realizes yet again that she is exactly the same as him. “What a stubborn, scaredy, dopey, floundering dog.” I’m not sure if I like the three part episode idea but i guess it seems to work for Ika Musume being the light hearted comedy that it is. I’d like to see a full length plot once in a while or maybe even a hour long special. That would be pretty great. Dreams aside episode 3 holds strong to the Shinryaku formula and its a good watch.


  1. It’s always good to see more Squid Girl again. Not really sure what anime to watch this season, but this will surely be one of them. De geso~

  2. Yeah Squid Girl is a must watch just because it is so random. I myself am watching quite a few things this season and there is a lot of different genres of anime this season too so you’ll probably find something you are interested in.

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