Posted by: AceRailgun | October 10, 2011

C³ Episode 2

I’m glad i decided to watch the second episode of C³ because it was a lot better than the first. It introduces a bunch of things i quite like. The first was the wacky principal. His mask and relaxed attitude towards his students was amusing I hope we get to see more of him in later episodes. It also seems that he knows nearly as much about relic and artifacts then Haruaki father. It is possilbe that the principal knows about Fear’s situation and background story. The introduction of a demonic past isn’t exaclty a new idea but its defiantly what C³ needed because it didn’t have a whole lot going for it in the first episode except for a few panty shots. Although there was still quite a few panty shots and what appeared to be a girl showering in some kind of fetish outfit. How does that sort of thing even get into anime? That aside I think I was most amazed at the Konoha this episode. Oh look I can turn into a sword that’s totally normal. I bet you didn’t see that coming because I sure didn’t. I was just expecting her to be a sort of comic relief character who always find Fear and Haruaki in accidental sexual positions. Not that Haruaki is complaining. Lastly, the villain also really annoys me for some reason.


  1. Let’s just say, I was not expecting what just happened. A complete 360 from the beginning for sure. Hoping it says like this for awhile, but after another episode we will probably be back to the same old of the 1st episode.

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