Posted by: AceRailgun | October 9, 2011

Fate Zero Episode 2

So you thought Waver was crazy. Turns out he’s not he’s just a wimpy kid who has the gigantic servant. Ryūnosuke on the other hand is as crazy as they come. A sociopathic serial killer is exactly what Fate Zero needed. Caster or “Blue Beard” is the perfect servant for a serial killer as he is also somewhat murderous and he seems a bit crazy too. The scene where Caster murders that small helpless boy is a pretty lame way to establish someone is evil but I guess it works. I’ll just say Waver is screwed if he ever meets this guy. The other characters seem to be doing very little except talking. So lets talk more about Waver and Rider. These two are complete opposites and that’s what makes them interesting. Rider is the one of the biggest servants and seem to judge people mostly based on there height and muscle mass or in Wavers case a lack of. Although Waver is quiet small but Rider seems to be 100% loyal to him. I think this is just because of the contract they formed. This partnership should become more complex and intriguing as the series progresses. That’s if one or both of them isn’t suddenly murdered. RIP Assassin. We barely knew you. You were only in there to remind us how powerful the smug servant is, better luck in the next war. I’ll leave it on a note that poor old Saber is having problems with the fact that she is female. I guess that’s partly her fault for being referred to as Arthur. One of the many things about the series i’ll never fully understand.

Thing are starting to get interesting and i’m going to keep watching in hope for a fight between Waver and Ryūnosuke.


  1. Fate/Zero 2 is already out? Well sonuvabitch.

    I have /got/ to get this backlog under control :\

  2. I doubt the Assassin is dead. Then again, if he really is dead he was as useful as a Metapod with only harden in Pokemon Red. Also I really hate little kids so I totally approve blue beards actions.

    • Yeah I’ve though about Assassins situation a bit and I think he is probably still alive if only just. Blue Beard was pretty interesting. I thought he was gonna kill the kid then he let him go. It wasn’t until the kid sees the front door and starts crying that i realized what Blue Beard was actually doing.

  3. Waver and Rider are my favourite pair so far as well, compared to the others there’s just something lighthearted and comical about their partnership and eventual friendship. And Waver isn’t crazy, he’s just a short wimpy kid who wants some recognition, his story is about changing that. Ryuunosuke on the other hand definitely is, to the point where I think you can’t really define him as being evil since most of his messed up actions can be put to that.

    Also Saber’s problem isn’t that she’s a girl but more or less how she ultimately failed, in the end her people resented her and those close suffered because of her, she seeks the grail because she can’t accept that.

    And I think it’s fairly safe to say that Assassin is still alive as well, given how weak his class is it would be in Tokiomi and Kirei’s best interests if everyone else though he was dead.

    • I’m so glad I posted about this because everyone’s comments are really helping me to understand what actually happened in this episode. Having everyone thinking Assassin is dead is quite smart and seems like Tokiomi and Kirei would do. I kind of hope Waver and Rider win the war but I feel like he’s going to get beaten by the Tokiomi Kirei pair or Saber.

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