Posted by: AceRailgun | October 5, 2011

Fate/Zero Episode 1

So Fate/Zero. Even after watching the Fate/Zero I barely have a clue as to what is going on. A lot of talking and a lot of smart looking men. They all talk about a war and a grail and if you have no idea what is going on neither do I. All I know for sure is that they are all going to be fighting in the next few episodes and the one with Saber will be the main character. Although i think the winner of this holy grail war was given away at some point in Fate/Stay Night. But i can’t remember who it was so it will still be a surprise for me. The story telling of this anime is of the highest standards and anyone who was a fan of the previous Fate work is going to love this. Myself on the other hand I’m not sure if i like it or not. I often find myself becoming distracted during the long conversations and wondering why the characters react to such strange things without so much as a pause. Oh an entire room filled with worms…. Sure that’s normal. I’ll just steal my teachers super valuable mail and nobody will notice… And nobody noticed. I find that a little weird but i can live with it because it is actually telling a story unlike a lot of anime do these days. It was also good to see most of the cast is male. Sure there is nothing wrong with a 90% female cast. In fact i like it that way but it is good to have an anime about intellectuals that will have to kill each other instead of school girls that are all super nice for no reason.

My favourite character so far is Waver because he seems to be slightly crazy and he might surprise us. Plus none of the other characters are going to take him seriously so it might lead to some interesting battles. I think he summoned Rider and I remember Rider being quite tough in Fate/Stay Night. I’m not sure if this Anime will turn out any good or not but I will stick with it to the end I think. It is a decent story and if your not careful you might get sucked in and become a fanboy.


  1. “A lot of talking and a lot of smart looking men.”

    I’ve never seen a better way to sum up the first episode!

    And yeah, about the bug-room thing, as I told my buddy… Zouken is an absolute fuck. I have never wanted to see a character suffer as much as I do him.

    I have to admit to getting somewhat distracted during the long-as-sin scenes of exposition as well, but I’m glad they have ’em, if only for the people who aren’t familiar with the series.

    Also, I sincerely see Waver snapping sometime down the line. And yeah, he did summon Rider for this war.

    • Waver is totally going to snap and it will be great. It is good to have those long expositions in the beginning if only to explain the plot. I doubt they will need them in the later episodes. So if they cut the amount of talking then this show will just be a bunch of smart looking men fighting each other and that sounds just fine to me.

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