Posted by: AceRailgun | October 4, 2011

C³ Episode 1

And so begins the adventures of a bland protagonist and his magical girlfriend. Except this time the magical girlfriend has a strange name and is ultra violent and has no clue about how the world actually works. Oh wait that’s exactly like about a 100 anime that have already been made. Dragon Crisis was exactly the same as this right down to the naked girl in the first episode and the creepy housemate. Don’t presume i didn’t like it thought. I admit it wasn’t great but at least the plot moved at a fast pace and there was some decent points which made me laugh. Random shop keeper completing one side of a Rubik cube for example. One of my favorite bits was the background music. But just that one song that played two or three times. That aside C³ has no new material that we haven’t already seen. This anime was just made to appeal to the Pantyshot/cute violent girl demographic and if you aren’t part of that then C³ hates you and doesn’t care if you watch it or not. Lets just wait until all the good anime starts airing before we get too excited. If you don’t agree with me feel free to try and redeem C³ in the comments.


  1. My only other comment is that it follows the tsundere harem-starting pattern quite nicely.

    I sincerely hope it kicks that pattern in the teeth and goes some other direction.

    • Lets hope so. i would like to see this turn out as something with a bit of a story. I’ll give it a few more episodes before i drop it.

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