Posted by: AceRailgun | September 28, 2011

Kamisama Dolls Finale

I watched the last two episodes of this anime back to back and i’m glad i did becaue otherwise i tend to forget what has happened previously. Kamisama Dolls has pull the sheet over are heads once again with a “to be continued” ending. Why can’t anything end with “Fin” anymore. At least most of the plotlines got tied up leaving us with only the one question of what will happen to the giant four legged kakashi. I am also unsure as to what Aki was going to do. I hope he wasn’t too influenced by Kyōhei’s sappy childhood memories story or should i say memory because he only seems to have one good memory with Aki in it that doesn’t end in violence, death or explosions. Judging by Aki’s characterisation up to that point in the series i am pretty sure he would still go back to the village and confront the giant kakashi. Being the crazy psycho that he is and all. Which raises the question of Mahiru. Why was she in this anime? Sure she was part of Kyōhei’s back story and part of his charactisation but she was added to close to the end of the seires and felt overall unnessisary. We already had one crazy who was obsessed with Kyōhei why do we need another? That aside i really enjoyed the finale and felt it really wrapped up the plot well. I am also glad the anime was brave enough to pair up the love interest instead of just ending things with a lingering stare followed by a awkward blush. Which almost happened. I was almost expecting Mahiru to swoop down from the skies and kidnap Hibino again. Hibino sure got kidnapped a lot. Maybe it because she has a  lovely personality *Cough* Giant breasts *Cough*

Things i will miss about the series:

Utao and her ablity to make me laugh and feel sorry for her at the same time.

Kōshirō. You save the day more then the main character does. Also you hardly get any screen time.

The classy intro theme and the clip that goes with it.

How the Kakashi make music when they move. That was really neat.

Things i won’t miss:

Kirio. You look like a girl and sound like a girl. But you are a boy. I think.

The stupid faces the characters pull in the middle of serious scenes. Why don’t any of the characters have proper faces. For you amusement open episode 12 and skip to 11:28. This is exactly the thing i am talking about.


46/141 my top anime list. Its in the top 50 so that should say something. Its short and probably worth your time. Give it a try.

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