Posted by: AceRailgun | September 26, 2011

Starting a new blog

Well this is more or less an introduction post. Nice to meet you all. Here are some quick facts about me.

I am 21 and live in Australia.

Favourite anime of the most recent season include : Tiger & Bunny, Steins;Gate and Bunny Drop.

Favourte anime of all time are : Steins;Gate, Angel Beats, Cowboy Bebop, One Piece and Death Note.

I have watched over 140 different anime to date.

I do read manga but i watch anime more. Same goes for computer games. I do play them but i watch anime more.

I plan on blogging about the upcoming anime season which will begin in the next few weeks.

Guilty Crown, Last Exile Fam: The Silver Wing, Un-Go, Persona 4 The Animation and Shinryaku! Ika Musume. I will probably watch the first few episodes of some of the other new stuff but i’m not really expecting any of them to be overly exciting. Although if Madoka has taught me anything it is that i have to watch at least three episodes before dropping something forever. Although i am happy to be proven wrong.


  1. >Persona 4 The Animation

    I am psyched as /hell/ about this one. Loved the game, hope they keep the good aspects. Also, since it’s (if i’m not mistaken!) confirmed for a US release, Adachi and Yosuke had best be voiced by their game counterparts.

    Also, 140 anime? Jeez. I honestly can’t even /think/ of 140 anime…

    Also 2: Good choice on Bebop, but I’m a Wolf’s Rain man myself. Mainly because that’s such an under-appreciated show.

    Anyhoo, keep up the good work! I like what I see. 😀

  2. That reminds me I need to update my Myanime profile but I’m too lazy to do so. Although I only 147 anime so far, I’ve actually a lot more. Anyway, very late welcome from The G-Empire dood. I guess I’ll add you as awesome neighbor too. Man, I think I have far too many awesome neighbors. Then again, compared to real life, animeniacs make better neighbors…I zing.

    Anyway, I’ll be keeping in touch.

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